First Bra Shopping With Your Teen

First Bra Shopping with your Teen!

Getting your teen her first bra can be daunting, your little girl is getting boobs and becoming a woman! Where do you even start? If you’re a mum you’re probably familiar with one of the thousands of styles of bras that are out there but if you’re a Dad, this is possibly the most daunting task you’ve yet to come across. In addition to that you’ve got a young daughter who is probably going through a few emotions, from excitment to some nervousness, she has no idea how bras work or how a bra fitting is run. So, to help you and your daughter through this we have some tips on how to approach the first bra shopping experience.

1. Get a proffessional fitting.

No one knows more about bras and what your daughter needs than a proffessional fitter. A good fitter will be able to make your daughter feel comfortable and let her know exactly what they are looking for in a good fit.

2. Go simple.

When you get your daughter her first bra, it is important to realise that her breasts are still developing and to not buy anything that could inhibit the development of or damage her breast tissue. Little Intimates recommends that you avoid underwire, this is because, as the breast tissue increases wires can stick into and damage the breast tissue.

Another factor to keep in mind is the padding. Leaving the padding as natural as possible for as long as possible can really help encourage a positive body image. Also if padding is too firm and moulded it can inhibit the breast development by restricting it’s ability to grow naturally.

Keeping the design of the bra simple in the start can also help develop the muscles that help to support the breast tissue.

3. Choose your shop wisely.

Choosing the right store can really help your daughter feel comfortable. Bras are a normal and regular part of every woman’s life so we always want any bra fitting to be a positive experience. Sometimes going to a smaller shop is better, being sure that you will get someone directly helping you and giving you the attention that you deserve can help your daughter feel more comfortable in her environment and with this new experience. A good shop will be able to work to your needs and  help educate your daughter about well fitting bras.

Little Intimates highly recommends Blossy Bloom, an excellent Australian teen bra designer. With side boning, their bras support the breasts without any risk of cutting into the developing tissue. Super comfortable and in a variety of colours and patterns they are perfect for your young teen.

We are always happy to provide your daughter with a fitting and if you would prefer a quieter and more private environment, feel free to contact Little Intimates to book an appointment for a private fitting in our South Fremantle store or at any of our Interstate fitting events.

And most importantly, good luck and have fun!