Our Christmas Wish List 2018

Let me guess, it's a week and a bit out from Christmas and you suspect that your significant other still hasn't gotten you anything nice. There are two paths you could take, firstly you could accept it and move on, they love you and that's all that matters, or you could take the high road and endlessly barrage them with hints in the form of facebook messages with links to the lovely lingerie you've been drooling over. In honour of the time honoured tradition of last minute chirstmas gift shopping we thought we'd help out by listing our top 5 picks for presents this Christmas time.

1. Kira Halterneck Bra and Thong from The Little Bra Company

Beautiful and comfortable this is the top of our wish list. The Kira Halterneck absolutely epitomises the beauty and quality of The Little Bra Company's lace. Available from an 8-12 A-C, this stunning ensemble deserves to enter your wardrobe this christmas time.

2. Polar Chartreuse Chemise from Maaji

Beautiful in green and grey this chemise is perfect for summer. It is incredibly soft and comfortable and its adorable signature Maaji prit make is a fantastic gift this christmas.

3. Lace Kiss Bralette and Brief or Thong from B.Tempt'd

Available in Black, White, Blue, Red, Pink this affordable set with gorgeous lace are only available in Small Medium and Large making it not only a perfect gift but also an easy one, you can't go wrong with it.

4. Frivole Chemise from Wacoal

Elegant and sexy, the Frivole Chemise is a great option for christmas time. In a clssic black you can't go wrong with this lovely chemise.

5. Adore Bra and Tanga or Short from Wacoal

In a gorgeous deep red, as soon as the Adore Bra came in store we knew we just had to have it. It's long line band and big floral motif lace just gives it an extra something special, a perfect christmas gift.

From the Irresistible Bralette and Short to Mimi Holliday's Mimosa Bralette and Sexy Knicker we had to make some serious cuts from this list so if you are still in need of a little help, email us or have a look at our Featured Products or our Men's Room for some more fantastic gift ideas. Or get a gift card, they can be delivered instantly by email or we can send you a physical certificate.  Good luck with your gift haul this year and we at Little Intimates wish you are very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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