Hey Melbourne!

Yes, you heard right, we're coming to Melbourne in March to conduct our next set of private fittings!

So... What does that mean for me?

If you've got small boobs and need a good set of small sized bras and lingerie to match, you've probably come across our store in your search for what may seem to be the impossible. However, while browsing around our website you've possibly become concerned about one major thing, what if it doesn't fit? Firstly, I'd love to ease your mind, we have a fantastic return policy that will allow you to return or exchange any bras you buy within 30 days of purchase without having to repurchase shipping.

However, we also periodically do visits to the eastern states, taking all of the guesswork out of buying bras online. Not only will we fit you, but we will also keep a record of the purchase and other fitting notes so that you can shop with a peace of mind the next time you shop with us online. Because we know what has worked for you in the past, we'll be able to direct you to new products that will fit well.

Okay then, how do they work?

When you come to a private fitting with Little Intimates, we guarantee that you'll feel completely at ease, there will just be one fitter, Elyse McBeath (our amazing owner), yourself and a partner or friend if you'd like to bring someone. We bring all of our continuous, everyday products as well as a selection of our seasonal products, this way you get to know the brands we carry and which ones work well for you. Just like going to a fitting in a store, you have time to try things on, and together with the fitter, decide what size and style will suit you best. By the end of the fitting, we guarantee you will feel confident and amazing in your body and with the peace of mind that you can find lingerie that fits you well.

So, where is it and when?

We like to make the location as convenient as possible, that's why we will be in Victoria on March the 15th at the Kimono House in the beautiful Nicholas Building on Swanson Street, a very short walk from Flinders Street Station and right in the centre of the CBD.

That sounds fantastic, how do I book?

Simply email us at enquiries@littleintimates.com.au or through the contact us page, we have a small booking deposit requirement of $20, this is completely refundable when you show up to your appointment and will only be lost if you cancel within the 2 weeks of the fitting. We will give you a selection of times to choose from as well as a short questionnaire to fill out that will help us make sure that we bring the right products with us for you and make the fitting work as seamlessly as possible.

We hope to see you there!