The Little Bra Company

One of the original brands at Nicci's Smalls, 8 years later, Nicci's Smalls may have grown up and become Little Intimates, but we are still in love with The Little Bra Company. Founded in 2007 by The Little Bra Company's owner Emily Lau, TLBC was founded under similar conditions as Little Intimates.

Born from Emily's frustration with the industry's limited options for petite chests, Emily set about creating bras with a specialised fit for women with small backs and now creates beautiful bras starting at a size 6 in cup sizes A-C.

The Little Bra Company is characterised by gorgeous laces and a love for a slight push up and while not all their bras have push up padding in them anymore, even their unpadded bras give amazing shape. Through this TLBC has acquired a beautiful femininity and delicacy that help gives small busted women the confidence that we deserve.

The Little Bra Company has two major fits, a narrow-set shape and a wide-set shape.They recognise that no woman who is one particular size is exactly the same, and so they started developing bras in multiple shapes to try and accommodate as many different petite women as possible.

To try and figure out whether you would better suit their close-set or wide-set shape better, The Little Bra Company recommends placing a few fingers between your breasts, if you can fit less than three fingers, you would be considered close-set, but if you can fit three fingers or more, you'd be considered wide-set. If you are close-set we highly recommend trying the Lucia or Angela everyday bras, and if you are wide set, we highly recommend trying Yvonne

Compared to generic brands, The Little Bra Company is made to fit slightly smaller, and we usually find that most people have to go up a band size, so if you normally fit a 10, you might suit the 12 better in TLBC, and if you normally suit an 8 we recommend trying the 10. This also goes for their panties, so try a size up than you normally would.

We just know that you will just love The Little Bra Company because we do.