With a birthday or anniversary coming up you may have decided you’d like to buy her something feminine and beautiful – just like she is.

You’ve decided that you would love to see her in something slinky or sexy, or even see through.
Maybe she’s lost weight and you want to let her know you’ve noticed.

Have a sneaky look in her underwear drawer. Peek into the places in the wardrobe where you never normally go and find out what she likes.

She may not go for see through, what you think is sexy she may see as tarty and may not feel comfortable. You might like red, she might prefer something a little more subtle. That’s not to say you should buy her something your mother would wear, mind.

Pick out something the same sort of shape as the majority of her bras – are they all balconnet, plunge, padded (lots of padding? gel padding? liquid padding?). You don’t need to get technical, just note the shape and size and you won’t go too far wrong.

But do be careful, make sure you write down the size of a bra you have seen her wear lately. If you pick the size of an old bra and it’s too big, she’ll acuse you of thinking she’s fat. Pick an old one and she’s put on weight since wearing it and she’ll say you were wishing she was slim again. Very tricky ground indeed and not one that makes for a convivial time.

Lastly, having made your choice, a few ‘dont’s’

Don’t try wrapping it in paper – it will get squashed. Make it look simply sumptuous by putting it in a gift box (no, not a cardboard box rescued from the supermarket and covered in paper!).

Don’t get your secretary to wrap it for her. No woman wants to think ‘the other woman’ in your life has seen her underwear (or knows her size).

Don’t panic buy a few days before the event. If you still don’t know her size, taste and favourite colour then buy her a gift voucher. Safer all round.

Have a wonderful celebration with your loved one, and don’t forget – we’re here to help, so feel free to email us for any advice.

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